Studio Arrais collaborates with various companies able to realize prototypes through rapid prototyping.
Students realize the 3D CAD project from a drawing or a wax model and their idea becomes reality through stereolithographic (rapid prototyping or resin).
The prototypes made with this technique are undoubtedly those that have the best dimensional and surface characteristics. Stereolithographic is particularly suitable for high levels of detail and for those items where precision is important.

The material used allows the gumming of the prototypes with hot silicone rubbers (90 degrees) or cold. The pieces, which are shiny or matte, are then easily paintable.

The rapid prototyping solidescape uses a thermoplastic material characteristics identical to those of the traditional wax and ensures a ‘high surface definition and the total compatibility with the lost wax casting processes.

The molds in hot or cold silicone, in turn, with a wax casting, allow obtaining the perfect molds in both resin and metal.

In the section of our Gallery, you can see some projects of our students who have become reality.