Can the school find a room for me ?

We do not offer a place to stay.  But if you have a problem to find a house, we can help you.

How can I enroll ?

Fill out the registration form and send it back to us by e-mail with the receipt of 30% deposit from the total course fees.

Who can enter ?

Any person can enter who is interested in jewelry design.

What kind of programs do you have ?

Anything related to the jewelry design.  The list of courses is available upon request by e-mail.

If I have to give up the course for personal reasons before I start, can I get the entrance fee back ?

You have to let us know by e-mail 30 days before the start date.  50% of the amount that you have paid will be returned.

What kind of materials do I have to prepare ?

As soon as we receive your registration form, the list of all materials for designing will be provided.  You will have to prepare those by the first day of the lesson.

How many students can attend in one lesson ?

In general, maximum is 4 students.

How often do I go to the lessons ?

There are lessons twice a week from Monday to Friday, morning (from 9am to 1pm) or afternoon (from 2pm to 6pm).

Which competitions can I participate ?

All the national and international competitions.\r\nSuch as… Contest Barducci (in Florence) / Contest of Pearls (in Japan).

Can I receive a certificate of the course ?

Yes, the certificate of frequency will be provided at the end of the course.

Which language does the teacher speak ?

The teacher speaks Italian and English.

In the six months course, what will I learn ?

Apart from the technical jewelry designing, 20 hours of the computer design is included in the six months course.

The students to end the course can make an exhibition ?

Certanly, the students can participate, a collective exhibition end course, in beautiful space.

How works the prototype?

The prototype, consists in saving the model in file, and directly carrying it under studio or laboratory, that through a machine it gives to back in resin or wax.

The Studio Arrais gives the possibility to the student to make of the stage?

The Studio Arrais now does not give the possibility to the student to make the stage. But there is in future this possibility.

There are scholarships for Italians and Foreigner?

Being, the Studio Arrais a enough small structure, does not come distributed scholarships.

How I can participate to the course on-line?

Enough to record itself. You can buy single the course or package, or a complete course or packages.

In the price a connection directed with is comprised also teacher ?

Sure, the teacher will give directly of the councils preview demanded directed of the student.

The course on-line comprises the course of computer cad too ?

In the moment, is not possible, there will be in future.

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