Some students take part in national and international competitions with good results.

Yoko Ogura (Giappone) Concorso De Beers, 1997

Yasuko Kosaka (Giappone), Concorso Barducci, Firenze, 1999, 3°rd prize-winner

Maki Arikawa (Giappone), Concorso Basel Award 2000, premio internazionale di design per gioielli, 1th prize-winner

Keiko Shitaya (Giappone), Concorso Barducci, Firenze, 2000, 3°rd prize-winner

Keiko Shitaya (Giappone), Concorso Basel Award 2000 international jewelry design competition, 3°rd prize-winner

Hiroe Meguro (Giappone), Concorso Barducci, Firenze, 2004, 2°rd prize-winner

Valeria Villas Boas Cintra, Concorso Barducci, Firenze, 2006, 1°rd prize-winner (Fuji Studio)

Azusa Shiokawa (Giappone), Concorso Barducci, Firenze 2007, 3°rd prize-winnerr

Keiko Yamashita (Giappone), Award Barducci, Firenze 2008, 3°rd prize-winner

Laura Castaldi (Italia) VII Award Sant’Eligio , Valenza 2016, 3° rd prize-winner

The Studio Arrais with the student Laura Castaldi won the training award –  Training  Specilistic and University – “At the court of Frederick” Goldsmith art and education-1st National Competition “Città di Jesi” – September 16, 2016


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